On this page, users can search sequence similarity of eRNAs in multiple species by multiple options.

1. Select a species from the drop-down list.

2. Enter either: an eRNA ID or a genomic region.

3. Click the 'Query' button!

Select Species:
Enter an eRNA ID: (e.g., chr1:193629808-193635808)
Enter a Genomic Region: (e.g., chr1:193000000-194000000)
Speices eRNA ID Seq Match species Match eRNA ID Seq Identity Evalue
mouse chr1:193629808-193635808 chimp chr12:56469908-56475908 84.31 7.0E-19
mouse chr1:193629808-193635808 human ENSR00000105404_chr18:77767399-77773400 82.86 0
mouse chr1:193629808-193635808 rat chr4:180843470-180849470 82.76 5.04467E-44